Make it So Chapters 9, 10 & 11

Anthropomorphism In terms of science fiction, I think this term is often confused as being what Artificial Intelligence is. Artificial intelligence does not necessarily follow the same rules of what emotions are. However, I would be interested to see what a true AI acts like. I wonder if it would be as alien as we... Continue Reading →


100 Things every designer should know

How people see Wow, I have to say a lot of my preconceptions have been blown away in this chapter alone. I haven't realized so many things about the human physiology to figure out what it meant to see in our world. For high school, I did a final project that involved designing out an... Continue Reading →

Make it So – Chapters 6, 7 & 8

Chapter 6 Sonic interfaces are an interesting concept. To me, it is an essential subsystem where intensive human interaction is involved. For myself, I don't typically rely on sonic interfaces to let me know what is happening. My computer is typically always on silent so that I wouldn't have to deal with the auditory tones.... Continue Reading →

Make it So – Chapters 3, 4, & 5

Chapter 3 Visual interfaces are important considering that most of what we process as humans are through sight. I think this chapter is interesting in the concepts of how we as humans react to various designs of interfaces. It seems that through the design of visual interfaces we really can push and explore how they... Continue Reading →

Human Interface 30yrs in the future

In class, we discussed the concept of what we envision interfaces to look like for future technology. I brought up the concept of brainwave-reading as being a basis for future technological interfacing. Since that discussion, I've come up with two different concepts of interfaces. Concept 1 The first concept that I have is that we could very... Continue Reading →


118 - Gutenberg Diagram - Key elements are represented in the upper right hand corner, and the order of importance follows on the western style of left to right reading path. 126 - Hierarchy of Needs - Functionality, reliability, usability, proficiency, creativity 128 - Horror Vacui - fear of blank spaces 132 - Iconic Representation... Continue Reading →

Children’s Museum Impressions

Summary of Impressions Visited the Bangor children's museum in downtown Bangor. This was a first-time visit for me, so it gave me the chance to have a first-time view of the facilities and get an idea of how everything looks. My first impression was that it was very much beaten up. It has seen a... Continue Reading →

Designing Exhibits for Kids: What are we thinking?

This is in response to the following article found at this link: I think this article really touches on the concept of empathy very strongly. This is a true lesson no matter the age groups that we are targeting for our project. We have to understand how people are going to interact with our work,... Continue Reading →

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