Capstone Plan

For my capstone, I intend on developing my business. Huskeh Tech Industries is the name of the company and will involve a vehicle with a bunch of advanced manufacturing tools and technologies loaded on. It is my intention that this vehicle will be a mobile lab that will visit schools and libraries. The mission is to educate on technology disciplines and foster a genuine interest in technological development.

Maine has a deficit in diversity when it comes to employment. What we offer is tourism, retail, and agriculture. However, we have been discovering like many others, that the old industries are dying out. This is due to emerging technologies, and the exportation of those industries to other nations. While this is not necessarily a terrible thing, it does leave a significant gap in what people can do. Many small towns have had generations of workers within the factories. For many communities, this is no longer an option.

It is m personal belief that Maine still has a great deal to offer. We are losing our youth to other industries outside the state. This is talent that will be needed to revitalize our capacity to move forward.

While I would have a strong focus on children, I won’t discriminate against older people learning new skills as well.  The added bonus to this mobile system is so that I can go to where the people are. Maine is a very large state, and it would be very hard to get groups of people to a single location. It wouldn’t be very cost-effective. Instead, it would be easier to bring my lab to the schools and make the lessons accessible to anyone in that area as best as I can make it so.

The mobile lab will consist of 3D printers, laser cutters, electronics and any other materials or technologies that I feel are needed to help promote new skills and foster a sense of wonder. I want people to be able to explore.

Before I joined new media, there were a great many things that I wanted to do but lacked the skills to be able to accomplish them. As soon as I was able to learn how to use the technology and apply the skills and techniques to a project, I was liberated.

At the end of my capstone, it is my goal to have a full business plan assembled, with various projects and lesson plans prepared. I want to have a full inventory decided, and design plans for the vehicle. I would also like to see if I can start procuring funding and begin establishing this as a real company.  I should either be ready to start the business or have everything ready to go to build the vehicle and get on the road.


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