Principles of Design

110 Freeze-Flight-Fight-Forfeit


This dog has backed itself into a corner, very much in a flight response.

120 Hick’s Law



The cereal aisle has the most variety, and often times requires long contemplation

122 Hierarchy



Services are represented on separate floors.

132 Iconic Representation



Common Iconography of pedestrians. Some of the signs themselves are iconographic elements.

134 Immersion

Books are often a place of immersive imaginative lands.

138 Interference Effects



If something were to happen in front of this driver, he would be very slow to react.

140 Inverted Pyramid



All the elements are related to the web design title but are less obvious.

146 Layering



This flowchart for choosing wine helps to organize the data into groupings.

152 Mapping



WASD is a mapping configuration that has changed how gamers play games.

154 Mental Model



Spaceship terminology often refers to that of naval terms.

156 Mimicry



This robot studies how kangaroos are able to get as much force for their hops.

170 Nudge



these footprints ‘nudge’ the user in a particular direction.

178 Performance Load



This house would require more work to repair, and would eventually fail in completion.

182 Personas


188 Progressive Disclosure


tapping a menu header would reveal more options. 

198 Readability



This map is not easy to follow for people who are not able to understand.

200 Recognition Over Recall



This staff photo helps to drive recognition, and ultimaitly comfort.

224 Signal-to-Noise Ratio


250 Visibility

260 Wayfinding


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