Capstone Plan

For my capstone, I intend on developing my business. Huskeh Tech Industries is the name of the company and will involve a vehicle with a bunch of advanced manufacturing tools and technologies loaded on. It is my intention that this vehicle will be a mobile lab that will visit schools and libraries. The mission is... Continue Reading →


Principles of Design PtIII

How can I help people learn from a design? 16 Accessibility - Objects and environments should be designed to be usable, without modification, by as many people as possible.     18 Advance Organizer - a brief introduction to orientate users prior to learning something new.     36 Biophilia Effect - exposure to nature, be... Continue Reading →

Principles of Design

110 Freeze-Flight-Fight-Forfeit   120 Hick’s Law     122 Hierarchy     132 Iconic Representation     134 Immersion 138 Interference Effects     140 Inverted Pyramid     146 Layering     152 Mapping     154 Mental Model     156 Mimicry     170 Nudge     178 Performance Load    ... Continue Reading →

Questions on Scrum & Agile

1) which should I choose, agile or scrum? That's the thing, I work in both manners. It entirely depends on what I'm doing though. The scrum method is more professional, but more importantly, more suited to an independent group of developers. So something that is being created in-house. The customers are themselves, and they are... Continue Reading →

The Agile Handbook

This post is in response to the following link: This was a very quick read and mostly reinforced the previous readings. However, the condensed version is really telling to the misconceptions that people have of the Agile method. The developers were the ones that make the decision was an interesting point. This acknowledges the customer's... Continue Reading →

Scrum Primer

This post is in response to the following article: Working for ASAP has exposed me to some concepts of the SCRUM system. I didn't realize it at first, but now that I have looked into it with these readings, it becomes even more clear what it means. However, I can also see where ASAP's method... Continue Reading →

Universal Principles of Design Pt II

14 80/20 Rule       16 Accessibility       Accessabilty is an important aspect in many designs. To who it is accessible to is a serious question that a designer must consider. Both of these designs are good in their own way, but when compared to one another offer significant differences of advantage.... Continue Reading →

Agile Methedology Research

    The following are specific aspects of the Agile method of working on products as a team. Each not only answers to a specific step in the process but also captures the essence of the work philosophy. Know the expectations of the customer It is important to know the expectations the customer.Without the customer, there... Continue Reading →

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